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Work with us

Research Associate

NanoGhost, a biotech company that develops a novel stem cell-based drug targeting platform for cancer treatment, is seeking for highly motivated Research Associate


  • Talented MSc or PhD in Immunology and/or Cell/Molecular biology.

  • Experienced in mammalian tissue culture and functional assays (i.e. protein secretion, reporter expression/activity).

  • Strong background in molecular biology, skilled in DNA cloning methods, qPCR, RNA synthesis & isolation (RNase protection assay – advantage).

  • Experience in genetic engineering and synthetic biology (transfection, electroporation, CRISPR, viral transduction) - advantage.

  • Strong background in antibody-based methods and hands on experience in Flow Cytometry and ELISA.

  • Experience in nano-particle technologies (LNP, liposomes, PLGA etc.) – advantage.

  • Ability to learn quickly and work independently in a laboratory setting.


  • Developing a qPCR-based method for quantitation of RNA.

  • Planning and performing functional immune-assays in relevant in-vitro model systems.

  • Facilitate proof of concept studies in relevant murine model systems.

  • Write protocols, SOP, reports.


Poleg, Netanya (5 min walk from the train station)

To apply, Please contact:

Osnat Bohana-Kashtan

VP R&D, NanoGhost

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